BMW R1200 NineT: Cafe Racer Modular Concept

BMW R1200 NineT: Cafe Racer Modular Concept r

BMW R1200 NineT: Cafe Racer Modular Concept. After a year of waiting, finally BMW released a replacement of R1200R Roadster with R1200 NineT variants. A motorcycle which is named from the word “90″ or 90 years of BMW Motorrad. Roadster based Motorcycle is themed “cafe Racer” but the difference between this bike is designed as a “modular” bike where motorists can easily change the look of this bike radically. This concept is different from other manufacturers where the motorcycle was produced into several types (mostly touring, sport and naked), BMW makes this bike, remains as one type, ie Roadster with Cafe Racer theme but with a few distinct options, that is:

  1. Original Naked Roadster: Motorcycles in standard conditions as a two seater vehicle
  2. Sport Cafe Racer: Motorcycle made ​​into a single seat, with the seat cowl racing-style motorcycle
  3. Muscle Cafe Racer: Motorcycle is made ​​”Tailess” that the muscle becomes feels
  4. Tourer Roadster: Motorcycle made ​​into a comfortable height, and can be used as an adventure vehicle

Here instead of in terms of function, but rather as a display, BMW R1200 NineT is made to have a display that can be changed. This is a new concept that is really original

For the engine, BMW does not want to carelessly, they use a 1170cc DOHC boxer engine – oil cooled from the previous R1200GS. With the drive axle, BMW R1200 NineT is able to have maximum power up to 110hp at 7,750 rpm. quite large for a cafe racer motorcycle.

Of course many say that this bike is a “derivative” and “refinement” from the R1200R Roadster.This is True, this bike is based on R1200R Roadster converted into modular motorcycle themed Cafe Racer. BMW R1200 NineT Price will not be much different than the previous R1200R!

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