2014 Suzuki Raider J115 FI Color and Stickers

2014 Suzuki Raider J115 FI Color and Stickers b

2014 Suzuki Raider J115FI asked as a new brother candidate for Satria Fu 150, this bike has been first released by Suzuki in the Philippines, how can in Philippines first? Suzuki Indonesia is the center of Southeast Asia right? Yup,,, because the dollar rate in Indonesia rose steadily and not stable, so pending, while the Philippines remains with the original plan, so precedence, anyways Raider 115J is made ​​in Indonesia, exported to the Philippines.

For design, this bike is sporty with a rooster design, the head, wings and body similar to Satria 150, specific parts of the body aside from the stereo suspension to the rear is similar to the Suzuki shooter 115, Suzuki Raider J115 FI Specification similiar to Suzuki Shooter, yes,,, the engine reportedly uses the base Suzuki shooter, but it’s FI, Satria 150 still not FI, but the Suzuki Raider J115 FI not use monoshock and minus rear discs.
2014 Suzuki Raider J115 FI Color and Stickers r

For fuel supply system as well as Suzuki Shooter using fuel injection system (Super FI) which proved reliable, economical and minimal maintenance. Because the fuel injection system Suzuki Super FI equipped with advanced sensors that will report state of motorcycle while first turned on and while riding on a small computer called ECM. And that’s the ECM which will tell how much fuel to be sprayed into the combustion chamber through the nozzle

Suzuki Raider J115 FI is available in 5 colors with 2 types, Cast Wheel and Spoke Wheel, for the cast wheel version there are 4 colors: Suzuki Blue, Red, Black Red, and Black Gold, while the spoke wheel version only 2 colors: Green and Gold Black, Graphic stickers and patterns similar to Suzuki Satria 2013 in Indonesia, which is abstract dualtone with festive colors and simple.

Later still do not know whether in Indonesia and other countries this motorcycle still named Raider, because according to the info, Raider only for the Philippines and Thailand, and whether the same color and stickers? do not know, just wait for the release date does not seem much longer, around the beginning of 2014, what do you think?

2014 Suzuki Raider J115 FI Color Gallery

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